25 years


Today this mother celebrates the birth of her firstborn 25 years ago

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technical hitch

well not so much the camera as the software …

be right back !

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2014/14 – walled communities


The gate and wall left over from a bygone era,
a ‘them’ and ‘us’ divider that persists today.

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2014/13 dilemma

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2014/12 picket fence (somewhere in Surrey)

My friend treated me to a pub lunch – this was the view from the window. The double fronted green detached house looks just like a child would draw. I fell in love with it.

Fences in England are interesting too – they often don’t really serve any purpose other than marking one’s territory. Some are well kept, but many are really delapiteted and in a sorry state of affairs. That’s true of people and their boundaries and borders too.

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2014/11 not-even-busking

Wonderful initiative by St Pancras – a couple of uprights in the vast station – for passengers to tinker on and others to enjoy.

This pianist was very good (and the station remarkably quiet at 7.30pm on a Saturday evening, so the music filled this part of the foyer)

(Photo taken and posted with permission, though I never asked his name)

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2014/10 blue skies

sunshine does wonder to my soul and spirit, its also good for my body (though I do take a daily vitamin D supplement) In the dark months I use an anti-SAD lamp but nothing beats sunlight

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