sneakpreview 2/365

Taking a leaf out of my friend‘s book (or whatever the blogging equivalent of that might be) I’m going to turn to The Daily Shoot on a semi-regular basis in order to try to develop my photography skills and help me observe better.

Today’s challenge is

Pavement comes in many flavors. Asphalt. Concrete. Bricks. Stones. Make a photo of some pavement you see today.

That doesn’t sound very inspiring does it? Off out now – camera in hand – to see what the pavements in Vauxhall London reveal about the Kingdom of God to me today.

Well pavements still aren’t that interesting but I did manage to take quite a few photos. One was of an Indian lady’s feet (wearing shoes) as she stepped out onto the road from the pavement, and another was a grain of what looked like wheat – so I got to try a macro shot (which I was pleased with!) but the photo I chose for today was this one


Tea break

These workmen caught my eye. They’ve been hard at work for months here – repairing and renovating many of the council flats. Today was the first time I’ve caught them having a break. I loved it that they’d just flopped on the pavement and were lying there quietly -relaxed and at peace!

Reminded me that even God took a rest!

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