T minus 3 / cold

Only three days until we start the eyes of faith challenge – a challenge for you to find the Kingdom of God amidst your everyday life for a year, take a photograph of it and post it. (We are also using the daily tip from the daily shoot to help get those creative juices flowing (and improve our photography skills) but no doubt will ignore the tips from time to time too.

The idea is not to be prescriptive and if any of us misses a day (or two or three) honestly it’s not the end of the world. My aim though is to post 365 photos before the end of August next year.  If you would like to join us there is more information here !

Today’s daily shoot challenge is

Make a photograph of something cold.

This photo wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

cold handscold hands

Only a few minutes before this folk singer had been holding her arms because she was so cold. She had been part of a group singing at the handicrafts’ museum here in Turku today, all wearing national costumes, but it was very, very cold. Only about 14C (max) and there was a very cold wind.

I’m not really sure what the picture actually says to me about the Kingdom of God, but being in the museum itself was full of testimony to the importance of God in the lives of those who have gone before us.

Not quite a testimony of faith, but one worker there (also dressed in national costume) told me of how she had got a job there last summer and was privileged to work alongside a very elderly (80+) woman who painstakingly passed on to her the art of a particular kind of knitting. She also told us two of the stories the lady had told her from the second world war of how women had sent packages containing woolen socks and food to unknown soldiers on the front. The soldiers had sent thank you letters and enclosed new knitting ‘pins’ made from pieces of metal from a crashed aircraft, so that the women had new, lighter and sharper ‘pins’ to make more socks and mittens with.

Hearing this was a reminder to me of how important our own stories are. Our testimonies about the faithfulness of God in our lives are vital in what we pass on from one generation to the next. (Rev 12:11)

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