1/365: signs/monochrome

I wanted to start a photo-a-day blog. Gradually that idea evolved into challenging others to find God’s Kingdom through their lenses. I will be using the daily shoot to inspire me (but will sometimes choose not to follow it). The idea is not merely to post a photo a day, but rather to take at least one photo a day, and then when editing my photos each day, to see what God is saying to me through them. Part of the discipline is in choosing only one photo to post!

There are three others who are joining me in this challenge. You can also view God’s Kingdom through their lenses:

Imagery Words

My patch – 365

Faith in photos

What struck me as  I made the list is that the four of us are living in two nations (Finland and England). What’s more one in each country is living in a more rural location (smaller town) and the other in a bigger city. Turku doesn’t compare with London, of course, but for the record it was the capital of Finland for a long time. That makes for interesting viewing I think.

(Edited to add we are now five. Finally human will join our challenge. He’s a Brit but currently living in the USA for a year -and we welcome the insights he will bring us!)

Today we start the eyes-of-faith challenge for real. This is the first of what I hope will be a series of 365 glimpses of God at work.

Wednesday September 1st

Today’s daily shoot challenge

Many signs are immediately recognizable, but if you get in close you might find something new. Try it!

Photo shoot was playing up earlier… during the day there have been three different tasks …grrr! But that also spoke to me about our uniqueness and how God has a slightly different task for each of us to do.

Today’s task, however, now seems to be

Make a monochrome photograph today. Either use a single color subject/background or make it monochrome in post

My best photo today isn’t the one I’m posting. It was good. It was fun. It said something, but I saw something of the Kingdom of God in this one …

sign on tree

When looking through the lens at the telegraph pole I saw the remains of yesterday’s news. I was reminded of this scripture

Your very lives are a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you. Christ himself wrote it—not with ink, but with God’s living Spirit; not chiseled into stone, but carved into human lives—and we publish it.

We are the good news, and our lives, as living testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness matter. The message we live is not yesterday’s news, nor is it hung on a dead telegraph pole … it’s living and vibrant and brings life and hope, because the Spirit of God is alive and well today, tomorrow and for all eternity.

BTW I changed the colour to Sepia to bring out the texture of the otherwise very grey dead wood on the telegraph pole. It was almost monochromic anyway … but I had already posted before the correct challenge came through. As I said, that in itself spoke to me, but I am hoping that tomorrow is smoother sailing.

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2 Responses to 1/365: signs/monochrome

  1. eija says:

    Also Ian at http://finallyhuman.com joined us today so we’re five :)

    And seems the daily photo site has been all upside down – first in the morning it gave the food theme, now you’ve picked up the old signs theme – and at the moment they have a theme that tells us to make a monochromoe photograph. Oh I wish they’d make up their minds!

  2. Lorna Koskela says:

    yeah I was really confused too cos I couldn’t find the food thing (and Ihad a good photo for that)


    great ian will join. I’ll add a comment to that effect :)


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