7/365:sixes & sevens

Tuesday September 7th

Make a photograph with either a 9 or 6 (components of today’s date) in it represented in some way and post it today.

… Confused as today is the 7th. I think.

Seriously uninspired by the theme, I never the less went out looking for sixes and sevens and yeah why not nines as well. I found a few but this is my (totally unconnected with the theme) shot for the day

book bus and meWhat does it say to me about God? It says that God is a God of surprises, and He shows up in unexpected places!

(BTW this wasn’t totally unconnected … the numberplate of the bookbus did have a 6 in it!)

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3 Responses to 7/365:sixes & sevens

  1. Lorna says:

    I caught this reflection on the door of the bright red mobile library (book bus), which stops outside the local primary school every Tuesday lunchtime. Bookworm/addict that I am, I couldn’t resist going in and checking out the shelves. People person that I am I couldn’t resist talking to the librarian. God was present in both.

  2. MyPatch says:

    Hows many things can you see in the picture…..
    1) Trees
    2) Houses
    4) Bus
    5) Photographer
    6) sticker on the door

    different things playing there part to bring the picture together bit like in corinthians and the different parts making up the body……

  3. Lorna says:

    yeah – that’s a good way of looking at the photo. And it was a fun one – all the others I took were really boring :(

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