14/365:door-window frame

Tuesday September 14th

Use a door or window as a framing device to contain a smaller scene today.

crow's nest view?room with a view

Ok this wasn’t really through a window. I added the frame. But isn’t it a lovely view from the top of Samppalinna here in Turku (from the swimming pool no less!)? You can just make out the windmill in the background and to the right  that rather ugly building (where I parked our car) is city hall.

What makes the view from this window so beautiful though is the wonderful autumn colours in the huge tree in the foreground. I am so enjoying watching the beginning of autumn this year… every day new colours like His mercies which are new every morning!

One of my favourite verses in the New Testament comes right at the very end in Revelation 22.

And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. (Rev 22:2)

Now I know it’s probably stretching it a bit far – but there is something very healing about autumn colours. They feed my soul – and as my friend Sinikka wrote earlier this week “We talked about …what role repetition plays in learning. Based on some research, and our own experiences, we came to the conclusion that repetition does help when learning new vocabulary in a foreign language, for example. So why not repeat these beautiful colours a little, to remember them better when the colourless winter arrives!” That’s great advice and I  am going to feast on these delicious colours for a while yet – because they will help me face the dark and dreary days which inevitably lie ahead this far North.

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