Thursday September 16th

Preparing or eating food is a rhythmic part of life. Make a photo of a meal you prepared our ate today.

daily bread

I don’t bake bread daily. I wish I did. There’s something therapeutic about making it – and something wonderful about breaking bread together with others (not only in the Eucharistic meaning).

Jesus is, of course, the bread of life. (Jn 6:35) but another scripture which has spoken to me a lot over the years is this one

Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me. (Ps 41:9)

Today when I was baking the bread and then photographing it (yes I am a day late!) it struct me that for Jesus, the experience of every one of his followers turning away (albeit for some of them for only a short time) must have been heart breaking! He died ‘rejected and alone’ as the words of this wonderful worship song go.

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