18/365:complementary pairs

Saturday September 18th

Make a photo of two complementary objects arranged in a pleasing composition, one large and one small.

bible and cross

I really like The Message translation of the Bible. It’s fresh and I get excited when I am the Word opens up in new ways.

The cross isn’t mine. It was given to my son on his confirmation five years ago now. I used to wear a wonderful cross given to me for my 40th birthday by one of my best friends. It came from Rio and I loved it. But then the chain broke and I mislaid the cross itself. It was like a bit of me had died -which is crazy as I know that my relationship with God isn’t dependent on me wearing an outside sign. Nonetheless it was a daily reminder to me that I have been adopted into God’s family.

Last November at my 50th my son’s girlfriend and her family bought me a lovely silver heart (in the Kalevala design). I’ve worn that ever since. It’s a reminder of God’s unconditional love, and the fact that He never gives up on any one of us!

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