Friday September 24th

Make a photo of an interesting stack of books or magazines.

bedside readingbedtime reading

I read almost every night before I go to sleep. Usually for about 30 minutes or so. Right now I have these three books on the go (as well as another novel that I’m almost finished!).

When I look at this photo I can’t help noticing that my Bible isn’t there. (It’s by the dining table where I eat breakfast). I don’t usually read my Bible in bed at night – but during Lent I did get into the habit of reading a devotional in bed in the morning before I got up. I’m looking forward to doing that again in Advent!

Give us this day our daily bread

is one phrase in the Lord’s prayer. It’s talking about more than having enough on our dinner plate – we need feeding spiritually. And looking at the photo and contemplating that prayer – yeah my bedside reading prob could do with some adjusting!

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