37/365: abandoned

Thursday October 7th

Illustrate an aspect of modern culture today. Make a photo that communicates the feeling of abandoned or discarded.

discarded2sign of the times?

This surely is a sign of the times! We have loads of more-or-less discarded /still-to-be-sorted stuff in our storage room! And that’s in spite of having given away loads and loads of stuff (Toys and clothes to younger kids, unwanted clothes to friends or charity shops) over the years.  Yet still there is a lot left over and my dream is that most of this could be re-distributed to those who might appreciate it – with just a few things retained to hand down to my kids’ kids and their grandkids.

God expects us to be good stewards of the earth He created. Recycling is not enough. We need to ensure that our ‘stuff’ is taken care of, and used again and again. And yes, we can certainly buy less too.

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  1. MyPatch says:

    sending stuff here :) still cant get the silly game to go right end up with half dolphin half shark…..

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