Monday October 11th

Let’s start out the new week by making a photo with a red point of interest. Make sure your subject really stands out.

red letter boxautumn sunshine

I love our letter box. It’s red. And it really stands out whatever the weather! Probably my favourite photos of it show it with inches of snow on top – today though, beautiful colourful autumn leaves were swirling around.

What does it say about God though? God has written a letter of love to each of us – it’s the red line throughout His Book (the Bible) and that letter begins

My Child,
You may not know me,
but I know everything about you.
(Ps 139:1)

You can read/listen to the rest of the Father’s Love Letter to you here. It’s worth taking time for – because it is HIS love and affirmation that sets each of us free.

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