67/365:up close

Saturday November 6th

Sometimes, the best advice is to get closer. Today, get really close to your subject.

I spent most of Saturday on my knees. Not (consicously at least) in prayer but as part of a mammoth clear out of what has been affectionately dubbed our belfrey! Part of the task (and this is where the knees came in!) was to sort out a load of girls’ toys that my daughter has hung onto for a decade.These include Barbies (of course) but also Polly Pocket and Teenie weenie stuff.

This morning when trying to reassemble some order in my office I came across a rogue item. A tiny baby’s rattle. Perfect for the shot of the day (albeit a day late!). It was a good reminder that nothing is too small to be brought to the attention of our loving Father!

teenie weenie

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