70/365: first snow

Tuesday November 9th

Isolate your subject today in a photo you create today. Eliminate every distracting element possible.

DSCN5002First snow of the season – always a distraction!

Never totally prepared for this … and to be honest it’s never 100% welcome (slippery roads, and plummeting temperatures …. you get the picture!) Nonetheless it’s always beautiful. And yes – another gift from God to us.

I consider myself blessed to live in a land where we really do experience the four seasons. The wonderfully colourful autumn  is now followed by some months of darkness, cold and -we hope – lots of snow (because a real winter is better than a dark snowless one!) … and then comes the spring, with its promise of new life and growth..- Always welcome. Always with a special taste of hope ….

Taken at about 4.30pm .. just as I got home! (unedited)


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