90/365 vision

Monday November 29th

Illustrate what the word vision means to you. Either be literal or interpret it broadly and artistically.

Christmas Eve's eve

This was the theme for my birthday – almost a month ago now… and in spite of the best will in the world, I really failed to take photos during December, let alone post daily. As the previous photo said it’s been a blur … I’m back again now … picking up from where I left off – because in the Kingdom of God there are always second, third and more chances. Jonah reminds us of that!

I took this photo on Christmas Eve’s eve, which is almos the shortest day here in the frozen north. We’ve had loads of snow since mid November and it’s been horribly cold (today’s minus fifteen seemed a bit like a heatwave) so taking any photos outside is a bit of a hit and miss in these conditions. This photo speaks to me of vision – and of promises – of doors (or gates!) being opened by God. Let’s see what the New Year brings :)

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