Saturday January 1st 2011

Seems really funny to start the new year with a post numbered 99/365 .. but there you go!

2011 is a big year for us as I am now living in the European Capital of Culture! Ironically -given today’s theme – the logo and motto for Turku this year is Turku on Fire.

Set your weekend on fire by making a photo of a flame today:  candle, match, fireplace, or your own interpretation!

new year light

This photo was taken late last night -New Year’s Eve – so technically not taken today at all – but too nice a picture not to use.

I love the way Finns use ice to make temporary candle-holders outside. This one even looks like a Christmas tree. Fir trees at Christmas may be somewhat of a pagan tradition but last Easter I went on a walk of witness in London following a cross made out of the trunk of the church’s Christmas tree- and that really brought it home to me that there was a journey to Bethlehem – but there was also one out of the stable and it led to Jerusalem and Calvery.

Jesus is the light of the world. He’s the light of my world. And every time I light a candle (or indeed throw the light switch) I can make that act an act of worship. I like that.

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