Tuesday January 4th

Kaamos is the Finnish word for polar night, the night (darktime) lasting more than 24 hours inside the polar circles.  For the inhabitants of the most northerly village in Finland, Njuorggán (Nuorgam) this means two months of darkness (from the end of November until the end of January). Conversely, when it’s kaamos time at the south pole, the Finnish polar circle is then the land of the midnight sun.

The challenge set by my patch for tomorrow was

sunrise sunset  Look up today and make a photo of what’s going on in the sky.

first sunshine of 201112 noon
(Turku, our neigbourhood)

winter windmill3pm
(downtown Turku)

But today happened to be the first day of sunshine (in a very long time) here in southern Finland, in Turku, the European capital of culture, so I’m posting these today.

The sun carries no warmth at this time of year (it was minus 14 C when I took this) but its weak rays ministered to me nonetheless. The light is coming back and the days are getting longer again!

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4 Responses to 102/365:kaamos

  1. MyPatch says:

    oh wow

  2. Frances says:

    Here in the south of the UK yesterday we had a partial solar eclipse at sunrise – that might have made an interesting photo if I had known about it in time or had any proficiency with a camera!

  3. eija says:

    Beautiful light in the first photo :)

  4. Lorna says:

    thanks eija – it was one of those moments I was SO GLAD to have my camera with me and ready!

    I like the second too – no doubt it could be better with some editing, but the funny thing is that I’d forgotten you can see the windmill from the bridge and the darkness below the skyline makes Turku look quite rural :)

    It was funny though, from the bridge suddenly I could see it in the first sunset of the year (we haven’t seen the sun for weeks here in Turku – it’s been snowing so much and so grey and cloudy!) and it was a lovely moment! (cold though brrrrrrr)

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