105/365:snow barometer

Friday January 7th

DSCN5802almost off the scale!

I was sitting, contemplating what this deep snow says about the Kingdom of God.  I thought about our sins being whiter than the snow because of Jesus, but that wasn’t it – not really, and I thought about the depth of God’s love for us, but that wasn’t it either, and I rejected thoughts of buried treasure too. They are all good, but they weren’t want God wanted me to see today.

Then I focussed on the rooftops and buildings behind the snow barometer – and somehow that reminded me that being a disciple is not to go it alone (even with God) but that we are called into relationship with others as we forge ahead for Him and with Him. We are called into community.


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4 Responses to 105/365:snow barometer

  1. MyPatch says:

    Love it…. there was so much already on the table in November.
    I like that every snow flake is meant to be different and until recently with the invention of microscopes you wouldn’t have known it. In the same way each of our finger prints are different. I can see the community in there too, coming together they link and make such a wonderful blanket covering the garden: individuals but one body

  2. MyPatch says:

    and yeah …. I’d want to go jump in it :D

  3. Lorna says:

    yeah I expect you would :)

  4. MyPatch says:

    thats what untouched snow is for :)

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