107/365: sizzling randomness

Sunday January 9th

Set an alarm for a random time today. When it goes off, pick up your camera and find a photo near where you are.

DSCN5828Sizzling Sunday Brunch

Well to be honest I didn’t do that – but this was a random photo!

Trust me this bacon tasted as great as it looks – and I just love it that this shot almost catches the wonderful aroma! We are truly thankful for good food on the table each and every day.

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3 Responses to 107/365: sizzling randomness

  1. MyPatch says:

    brings back memories of the wonderful brunch we had round the table at home on independence day. ( even if I did worry that A was cooking our bacon the day before :S) or the wonderful one you made here with the baby grilled tomatoes :)…

  2. Lorna says:

    we had baby grilled tomatoes here today !

  3. MyPatch says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm that could be on the menu i think for this week

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