117/365: playtime

Wednesday January 19th

More local art …


Finns don’t usually have much time for snowmen … so seeing this one, ‘hat ‘n all’ this morning when walking the dogs really brought a smile to my face, joy to my heart and put a spring to my step. Sometimes we adult Christians need to lighten up a bit … and rediscover what it means to be a child of God!

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2 Responses to 117/365: playtime

  1. MyPatch says:

    Thats brilliant not seen such a good erm can you call it a snowman :) ( sorry my bad :D). yeah to be a child :). Though some grown ups do get a bit upset when certain nawty people decided to play like a child and pull tree branches covered in snow as they walk past :D

  2. sinikka says:

    What a great snowman – I haven’t seen one for ages! Good advice about lightening up.

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