125/365: dear neighbour

Thursday January 27th

Finland is a post-modern country, yet it is still clearly in Christendom. Finns are – in the main – still baptised, married and buried in the Lutheran church, and nine out of ten teens are confirmed too.  In other words the Church is very important in the rites of passage ceremonies for most Finns, yet Finns are very, very individualistic and private people, particularly those living in towns and cities. There isn’t much sense of community and it’s not unusual, for example, not to know your neighbour at all, or only know them well enough to ‘wave at’.

So this card really caught my eye.

neighbour coffeelove thy neighbour, love thyself

Neighbour coffee is part of Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture’s Neighbourhood Weeks. It is a playful challenge campaign for the people of Turku. The aim is to get to know one’s neighbours by inviting them for coffee. We encourage the people of Turku to be open-minded and drop the invitation card to the neighbour’s letter box!

What a delightful initiative. (The cards are also in Finnish and Swedish). Thinking how I might be a good neighbour … and how Turku 2011 might be used missionally. Exciting :)

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