128/365: signs of hope

Sunday January 30th

hopes and dreams days are getting longer by the minute: show that hope and dream in a photo today

I suffer from seasonal depression (SAD). These last few weeks have been particularly hard for me, in spite of the longer days, and sunnier ones at that! Today I took a long lunchtime walk with our oldest golden retriever, and came home excited … there were signs of spring at last! I noticed some of the bark on bushes had turned reddish brown, while others were yellowish … best of all were the catkins (impossible to photo with the snowy background) and the first buds!

signs ofearly signs

These are all evidence – for me- of God at work, and a remider that there is a season for everything under heaven. (Ecc 3).  When I came home I felt energised and started to tackle my study/office – moving books to new shelves with a view of having things better organised and accessible (eventually). Little signs of spring, little steps out of winter depression. All good and all from God.

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