Wednesday February 9th

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of a friend I’m back in business, back seeing through eyes of faith, and back posting a picture a day (as best I can) to express what I see of God’s Kingdom!

carrot cake a la toinen keksicarrot cake a la toinen keksi

This is the very first photo I took with my ‘new’ little Nikon*. Cake shared with a friend is calorie free right?

I loved the artistic way the coffee and cake were presented. It brought colour to my world and joy to my heart. The cappuccino (to the left) was served on a wooden ‘tray’ with an edible silver ‘stone’ and a grape on a stick with a smear of melted white chocolate! Delicious! The cake itself was -almost but not quite- too lovely to eat and it tasted absolutely fabulous. The hour ‘stolen’ with my friend was delightful too.

For those who are more technically inclined than I am

*The camera I am now using is a significant upgrade from my previous one (a gift from the same friend). I’m now using his ‘old’ Nikon COOLPIX S640. It’s hardly used, particularly when compared to my previous one S220. That got burned out after constant use for the past 15 months.  I really, really loved my old one – it was so easy to use and took what I thought were fabulous shots with stunning colours – but this is going to be even better!  (wider angle, more zoome and bigger ISO and more megapixels)

Since today marks a new beginning (and because  the old one was almost maxed out to the 200 limit) I also set up a new flickr account seeingmorethrougheyesoffaith

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