147/365: room with a view

Monday 21st February

I have started going to what I call my MONDAY group. It’s very good. Tonight because our usual room and our alternative room weren’t available we had a warm welcome in one lady’s home. She’s a very private person, but I felt comfortable taking a picture from her apartment which has a stupendous view over the city of Turku. To the right you can see the cathedral, and to the right the flood lit observatory.

I like living in Finland. I love this city. I came here for a job. Met the man who is now my husband and stayed. But I’ve felt that it’s where God has wanted me to be, though the way forward hasn’t always been clear or indeed easy. I am comforted by the fact that my pitiful attempts to be a disciple please Him, because I try to be open to the guidance of His Spirit which lives in me and which resonates in me too. I don’t always obey and sometimes I make silly or selfish choices, but that doesn’t cause God to withdraw His love and the way back to His heart is always unbarred. His light, like the flood light on the observatory, guides me back to the foot of the cross.

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