151/365: forging links

Friday 25th February

Down in Putney is the most amazing cafe! It’s called Sally’s and it’s attached to the local Anglican church there. Sally has made links with some amazing cake-makers and bakers so the produce is local, fresh and just delicious. On Friday my friend and I enjoyed brie and bacon baguettes, and then a blueberry cheesecake muffin (for me) and chocolate torte (for her, though I confess I tasted several mouthfuls of her choice!)

relaxing at Sally's

What’s even more amazing than the mouth-watering food and great coffee is that Sally’s vision of forging great links between people and between people and the church is really working. So many churches are – I find – really inaccessible or unconnected with the unchurched. Crossing the threshold is a huge barrier to surmount. Not at Sally’s. The door between the cafe and the sanctuary is glass so you can see into the church while sitting sipping a latte, and what’s more the cafe is an expression of church too. On Friday mums and tiny babies gather there to share life and encourage one another. That IS church because God is a natural part of their journey of discipleship.

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