158/365: night life

Friday March 4th

Nottinghill London, Friday night saw me well off my usual beat – at a wonderful gig over at the Tabernacle. I loved the atmosphere in the place as well as the wonderful music by Tallulah Rendall, though I have to admit the support band before her were awesome too.

Tallulah Rendall at the Tabernacle, Notting Hill

In the ‘old days’ this club would have been full of smoke. In 2011 and the smoke free zone, we could all breathe easy. Yay. It’s funny you know, some would struggle to find God in this very secular gig, but what I noticed was the wonderful empathy and encouragement which went on in the band – each person doing their best but helping and encouraging all the others too. Fabulous picture of how the body of Christ could be!

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