173/365: pick me up

Saturday March 19th

LONG overdue and as an act of desperation I’ve been frantically trying to tidy and re-arrange my office at home. There have been piles of books (and other sundy things) stacked here there and everywhere  for what has seemed like forever … but, finally after a lot of hard work most of the bookcrossing books are now labelled (at long last!) and put on new shelves (including a pile ready to be released on Monday).

pick me upWhen tackling the lower shelves this afternoon Iwas highly amused to  come across these stickers (which I’d even forgot I’d ordered – no idea how long they’ve been languishing there!).

I like the word play, because of course I’ve been picking up a whole lot of stuff – but there’s another meaning of pick-me- up which means to be fortified or made well again. That’s what God does to us …

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