176/365:hands of friendship

Tuesday March 22nd

ladybirds book

We’ve kept this book for years, though our women’s group – the Ladybirds- had already been in existance for several years before we thought to do this. It’s a book of life – not THE book of life of course – but still an account of who we are, when we meet and in some ways how we are/were doing.  There are old faces and names, and new ones too – and I love it because it’s a vibrant, flexible laid back group of ladies, who provide an English speaking support net /network for one another here in Turku, Finland.

It’s always lovely to look back at the photographs and snippets of news, menus and even beer mats which also record our journey together. This time we met at the spa in Naantali, and it was fabulous (as always!)

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