177/365: signs of spring

Wednesday March 23rd

“For most temperate regions, signs of spring appear long before the middle of March, but the folklore of 21 March being the “first day of spring” persists, ” says Wikipedia. Well I have news for you it persists because here in Turku it just happens to be true! We have only just begun to see the first signs of this wonderful season. Today for example I walked home from town and for about half of the journey I walked on pavement instead of ice on ice on snow. (The other half was through slushy semi-frozen ponds of water … but let’s not focus on that.)

signs of spring

This was where I met my friend for supper. We weren’t brave enough to sit outside just yet – but note – the pavement is clear of snow and ice, there are tables outside and flowers – and there’s a blanket for when it gets a little chilly. Yes Spring is poking its head around the door here in Turku, and I – like most others I know – am very very glad about it

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