208/365 Holy Saturday exorcism ?

(Holy) Saturday April 23rd

In the early church today (Holy Saturday) was traditionally a time of spring cleaning one’s heart, soul and mind of the things that were getting in the way of you living out your Christian faith. As dawn broke on Easter Sunday morning, the Christians would – cleansed by their time of prayer, repentence and scrutiny by their spritual community (family) – celebrate the Risen Christ in the Eucharist together.

We Christians today don’t do things quite like that. Indeed many of us are really not quite sure what Holy Saturday is really all about (and certainly don’t automatically associate it with spiritual warfare). Most of the Christian friends I know (both here in Finland) have been enjoying the good weather, spring cleaning and/or eating outdoors. I did much the same -including raking the leaves in the garden. And look what I found …

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