healing for the heart

A wonderful professional photographer, Sarah (pikku arkki) visited our home yesterday en route to a real shoot at a friend’s house. Her dog had just died so meeting these little ones was, in her own words,

healing for the heart

We wouldn’t to give anyone the wrong impression. These aren’t caged animals. At the time of the photo we were just cleaning up after their feed, and then they were let loose again to love us to life. But it’s lovely to see them lined up – eyes sparkling – ready to bound out and bring healing.

by Sarah Frechette, posted with permission

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2 Responses to healing for the heart

  1. my-patch says:

    I see anticipation… they know something wonderful will come the moment the barrier is removed.
    do we have the same anticipation for God and seeing him move. do we really have that even if we have a wait.

  2. mindy says:

    That is really a sweet photo.

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