230/365: male ritual

Sunday May 15th

Just a few minutes ago our neighbour’s garden was filled with semi-n*ked men grilling sausages in the rain, post sauna. Why?

I think it must be some kind of pre-match Finnish male b*nding ritual. Finland face arch-rivals Sweden in the final of 2011 Ice hockey championships. Exciting! Finland has won gold only once before (that was in 1995 against Sweden in Stockholm and so tasted extra sweet). Let’s hope the Finnish flag can fly high again today.

It wouldn’t be hard to miss God in all the excitement, the bags of crisps, pizza, sausages and beer. But I get the feeling that He’s right here amongst it all. Not because He’s such a fan of icehockey, or indeed the Finnish team, but because that’s what the Incarnation is all about. Jesus was born one of us, and moved into our neighbourhood. So take a look tonight you’ll find Him cheering along with us (wherever we are!) because hanging out with us is what He does best!

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  1. Mia says:

    I loved this! :)

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