231/365: warfare

Thursday 26th May

A friend asked me this week who was winning the dandelion war.

I’m not sure – but as you can see I’m putting up a good fight.

It’s funny though – Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to seeds some of which fall in good soil and thrive. Seems to me if the Word of God were more like the dandelion it wouldn’t matter which kind of ground it fell in – it would grow and multiply. Maybe that’s a picture of prevenient grace – always at work, always stealthily growing beneath the surface?

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3 Responses to 231/365: warfare

  1. Frances says:

    That’s not dandelions – it’s ground elder!

  2. my-patch says:

    I like that picture of grace.

    Weeds spread so fast I think theres something in that too.. they often look so pretty yet if you don’t remove them and enjoy looking at them they take over. Sin often seems so innocent at first just like a pretty weed until it takes over and consumes

  3. Frances says:

    To prevent any confusion – I was not implying that your picture showed anything other than dandelions! However, I see dandelions more as sin – they come in from outside, growing from seeds which are spread on the wind. They will appear wherever there is the least patch of even the most unpromising soil, and they do quickly grow deep roots and are difficult to eradicate completely. The trick is to be ever alert and to grub them out as soon as they show themselves above ground. Ground elder is more like grace- always there under the ground out of sight, spreading through its roots. It is impossible to get rid of; if you leave the tiniest scrap it will regrow, however hard you may try to ignore it, and it pops up in the most unlikely places. At first glance dandelions may look prettier, but ground elder has a more etherial, delicate appearance and is far more tenacious in the long run.

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