255/365: feasting godly play style

This Sunday we did junior church a bit differently. We were missional and invited an under three and parent to join us, and were blessed with another 3 year old and parent at the feast.

I told the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand (John 6) ‘godly play’ style.

My friend from England (who has just completed a Godly play training course) joined us, and commented on the very healthy snacks everyone brought to share: Grapes, fresh peas and strawberries, cookies, and bread sticks from the children, and I provided tuna fish sandwiches in keeping with the theme. Not a packet of crisp or chocolate bar in sight !!! Wonderful.

The little ‘fish’ crackers and Finnish style loaves (mini digestives) were part of the story – and later we wondered what food Jesus would have multiplied today. The verdict?: “probably pizza” (which the kids then made from clay in the response time!)

This was a day very much salvaged too – because of the bad weather we couldn’t have the end of term ‘feast’ outside, so I reclaimed the session as a Godly play session with an indoor picnic for the feast. Everyone enjoyed it a lot – especially me!

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  1. Keith and Ruth says:

    Keith says: I think the loaves and fishes detail is BRILLIANT! :-)

    and Ruth says: I love the pizza suggestion, and that kids did a response themed to the story by making clay pizzas. Perfect.

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