2½ weeks later …

Seems that both me and my blog have been in holiday mode. I’ve taken hundreds of photos but as you can see

Minimum (When) Maximum (When)
Temperature:   17.8 °C   (01:16 UTC)   27.5 °C   (13:31 UTC)
Relative Humidity:   55 %   (11:49 UTC)   98 %   (01:13 UTC)
Dew-point:   16.7 °C   (05:03 UTC)   19.3 °C   (07:42 UTC)
Wind:   0.00 m/s   (04:24 UTC)   9.90 m/s   (13:47 UTC)

it’s been HOT and very humid (up to 98%) and no wind here in Turku. Not exactly blogging conditions!

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  1. my-patch says:

    thanks for rubbing it in :) see my photo from yesterday :)

    LONDON LOCAL HEADLINE:Sunny intervals and heavy, possibly thundery showers.

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