265/365: heart of the community

It’s almost a year since I started this blog … so why am I a hundred pictures short of the target of 365 in 365? well, for starters I had a month preblog (T minus …) in order to tweak it (and see if I really could post a photo a day) and then I struggled really hard at the end of May / early June because of exhaustion due to the preparation needed for our daughter’s high school graduation party (it’s a really big thing in Finland!)

Still 265 photos posted in 330 days isn’t to be sneered at!

Today’s shot is a bit sneaky: a sort of self-portrait of me and my friend. We’re sipping tea … no! a latte .. and munching on the most marvellous bacon and brie baguette at Sally’s@St Mary’s (the cafe in the church) down the Thames in Putney.


If you ever get the chance to go to Putney, grab it. And head over to St Mary’s (by the river). It’s welcoming (not just the cafe!) – and there’s even a godly play room for the kids (and young at heart) during the services. I got to peek into the room set aside for that today. But more about that on the regular blog. I’ve said too much here already!

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