285/365: ecumenical

Today I visited the ecumenical art chapel of Turku (in Hirvensalo) which was designed by the Finnish architect Matti Sanaksenaho (that’s quite a mouthful!)

It’s beautiful … and because it’s made of wood (pine) rather than stone, the acoustics are wonderfully soft and mellow. What’s more, my friend’s younger son played us a short collection of classical music which was wonderful.

The tour guide (in English) was very good.

Can you see the three lighter ‘figures’ in the wood behind the altar? They aren’t supposed to be there – but many think it’s a picture of the three wise men … For me it was a picture of the Trinity, and the statue on the right a picture of the Father reaching out to the prodigals by means of the cross. And I love the altar statue too. They only put wild flowers in the chapel but IMHO the ones today were rather ragged! Some more pics here

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