300 (365)/365 – the end is only the beginning

Three hundred (300) photos in a year.

That’s not quite one a day, but it’s close -pretty close.

This is how this blog’s journey started … though its roots go even deeper!  (and I have to say that at times I got the numbering wrong: So 300 is, at best, a guesstimate. Maybe it is closer to 365, I really don’t know!)

Today the journey ends with this photo.

I took it on my way back to Turku from Helsinki airport. My trip there too was the end of a journey:

I watched her leave.

A little girl – not yet turned six – carefully climbed the airplane steps, a bright red ‘Peppi’ suitcase in one hand, the other holding onto the rail. At the top she turned back, smiled and waved.

Twelve and a half years have passed.

Today, designer handbag and laptop checked, a confident young woman strode through security, gave a discrete little wave, and stepped out into her future.

On both occasions tears fell.


An end. Yes.
But also the beginning of another journey, another adventure …

This wonderfully presented, fabulous tasting fair-trade coffee was sipped at Toinen Keksi. (another cookie). Their motto is “life is too short to drink bad coffee!”

Un a somewhat wonderful, though painful, way today, I realised how short life really is. 12½ years have gone by in a flash. My little girl is now a grown woman with attitude, embarking on her first real adventure as an adult. I like that. A lot.  I am so proud of her.

Yet, I too am on the move.

In three days time I’m heading over to the UK for a long stay (9½ months) as I begin a doctorate programme and internship at Cliff College.

It’s been a journey of letting go, and letting God right from the start.

And my hope and prayer is, that as I seek Him, I will find Him, and at times really capture His presence in a photo so that you too can join in the greatest adventure of any lifetime.

I plan to continue to blog and post a picture a day if I can, a picture which shows something of the Kingdom of God through my eyes, thoughout the coming academic year.

Same place, same channel.
Journey with me if you will.
It’s great to have fellow pilgrims.

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4 Responses to 300 (365)/365 – the end is only the beginning

  1. Storyteller says:

    Hard to believe it’s been a year. Congratulations on sticking with it. I’d be interested to know how you feel about this discipline now. Has it changed you? helped you?

  2. Lorna says:

    These are good questions, Storyteller.

    I think blogging is a discipline, and looking for God at work in our midst most definitely a spiritual one! During the year I think I had real cycles of taking photos and looking for God in them, and then looking for God at work where I was and then trying to capture that. I’m not sure one was better than the other, or why I switched from one ‘mode’ to another. Another difference was some days I wrote a lot, some days very little. I think I prefered the latter (in the main) but I did struggle with the feeling that somehow I should have made it ‘more obviously’ God-centred.

    I would have liked to capture more portraits – not the posed kind, but ‘real’ pictures of ‘real’ people. The trouble is i) that can be very instrusive and ii) the question of permission.

    At the very beginning I used photo shoot for ideas to improve my photography. It really helped but I am glad I went ‘free lance’ quite quickly on.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to next year. Hope you read ..

  3. eija says:

    Wow, a year… I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep it up – sadly, because it was really good. But it’s been a rough year (again) and just staying alive has taken pretty much all my strength. Sad.

    But what is not sad is that you obviously have learned loads about photographing. Your pics have improved amazingly. Great work, girl!

    I’m not saying I’ll continue posting these photos – but I’ll try. That much I can promise.

  4. Lorna says:

    seriously eija? that’s real praise from you! thank you
    hope you continue to post and visit to check out mine too

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