162: quiet relentlessness

This was an almost windless evening and the hot air balloon seemed not to move – but gradually it made it’s way along the derwent valley -and rose up over the edge. To me a picture of the quiet relentlessness of the Spirit

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3 Responses to 162: quiet relentlessness

  1. Storyteller says:

    what a beautiful and thought-provoking phrase – the quiet restlessness of the Spirit.

  2. Storyteller says:

    Ha! I mis-read it! The quiet relentlessness of the Spirit is I’m sure more theologically sound, but I think there’s also an interesting idea in my mis-reading. I so often fear change, and the Spirit is surely about creating new things…

  3. lorna says:

    I agree, I think the Spirit is indeed very restless in a quiet way (sometimes less quiet) …
    I don’t so much fear change as dislike transition! Need the Spirit in that too :)

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