It’s a new day …


What’s in a name, one might ask.

I chose this pseudonym over a decade ago. Long before Facebook helped so many of us reconcile private musings with our public image. It was an era where so many of us experimented with being more outspoken, of challenging the system (or so we thought) and of just writing … Because we could, because giving a voice to our thoughts was therapeutic and meaningful, because it helped bring clarity as we wrestled with questions – and answers – because it was one way of learning who we were, one step into the post modern drive for authenticity, albeit in a world of our own making, of shadows and blurred lines.

It was an era of discovery- exciting, risky, edgy, and not without cost. Pre Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, before the term ‘social media’ took off and spawned prolifically, blogging was -for many of us – an experiment in engaging in a world that was bigger than our safe circles of friends, a cyber world where ideas were challenged but which gave space to explore, to adventure, to wonder, to grow.

I still see through eyes of faith.
And at times -very randomly -I’ve posted. Facebook has been my preferred place of sharing snippets from my life, and photos. And that won’t stop. It’s just that writing has snuck up on me again.

It’s more than a decade since I first dared to begin exploring and sharing my thoughts (or some of them!) with a wider world. And now I’m back. Older yes, wiser perhaps and less naive for sure, but still passionate. Passionate about the things that really matter. Mercy and grace, justice and equality, integrity and fairness, and love. The kind of love that sustains no matter what, that nurtures and celebrates moments when the light breaks through and golden rays highlight goodness. The kind of love that holds true on bad days when the darkness threatens to envelop. That’s when we need eyes of faith. To see the truth and rejoice in it.

I’m making no promises -not even to myself – about writing. I picked up this blog again almost on a whim, on an internal nudge rather than even a prayer or a wing, and time will tell what surfaces. It’s a new day … Let’s see how that unfolds.

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