Operation clear up

(Second attempt at writing this. I lost the post first time round!)

I am passionate about lots of things in life. One of the most environment in which we live. I want to live in a safe, clean place, a place where love flows, where we are nurtured and value, where people are not allowed to fall through the cracks because together we ensure there are no poverty gaps,  and that all the negative -isms and self serving behaviours we are so used to are tamed. Yes it’s naive, but it all starts at home, in us, in our attitudes, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. You and I can make a difference. We can start today.

One of the things I care about deeply is the physical environment, the air we breathe, the paths we tred, the water supplies we rely on. Those of you who know me or have read this blog earlier (or follow me on Facebook etc) will know that I hate litter so much that I litter pick. One of my pet peeves is cigarette cartons! When full or even with only one cigarette remaining they are carried around all day by the smoker without a second thought, but when the last fag is smoked the carton is discarded, not in the recycling where it belongs but all too often on the ground wherever the smoker happens to be! And let’s not even talk about fag ends!

A few months ago a friend of mine worked as a volunteer in Fiji. He was there to help in the shark rescue programme.  He came back over flowing with stories to tell, but also with great pain in his heart. A pain caused by      a greater realisation of how sick, how polluted our oceans are – a dis-ease that is entirely the result of humans of failing to be good stewards of the earth and all that is in it, of failing to take good care of the environment.

A lot of the pollution in our oceans is plastic trash -8 million tons of plastic waste (bottles, bags etc) end up in our oceans every year. Right now 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are floating around the seas. It’s killing the marine life who are trying to exist in a world that is the equivalent of a floating land fill mass! 

It’s not as if there has not been an effort to clean up the oceans. There has. But according to one estimate 

Using vessels and nets to collect the plastic from one garbage patch would take about  79 000 years

There is a new initiative Ocean Clean Up started by a teen who believed something could be done. They crowd sourced to fund a 1.2 mile long system to begin to collect and remove plastic from one part of the ocean.

That’s a start to dealing with our past sins.

Equally important is learning new ways of living. Stop using plastic carrier bags. Stop buying bottled water and soft drinks (unless there is a return /reuse programme available). Avoid buying non refillable products. 

Think before you discard.. If you took it to the beach, up the mountain, to the park … You can carry it home again. Dispose of all waste carefully and responsibly. And while you’re at it, quit smoking. Then discarded cigarette packs and stubs will no longer be an issue – for any of us!

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