The city guards could use these reinforcements. They do tricks

Very recently I played a new board game. One of the ‘quest’ cards I got was this one: owlbears.

It made me think!

Owls and bears are quite different. Bears for example hibernate every winter. I think I’d like that. But owls – well they get great perspective – not only because of their keen sight, but also because of the heights to which they soar. It’s a quality I hope to gain from my journey with the parliament of owls this year.

The power animal qualities highlighted by the owl are wisdom, perception and truth. In some cultures stealth and secrecy might also be added into the mix. The bear on the other hand is more grounded, patient, a loyal ally and very strong.  Imagine how impressive the qualities and characteristics  of such a combined creature as the owl-bear!

Earlier today I was thinking of the battles in CS Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles – in particular the roles the animals took. I’ve been doing battles of my own today – mostly with windows 10 (which, let me tell you has a mind of its own!)- and could really have done with more skill, patience, wisdom and common sense. In short I could have done with some of the qualities and tricks of the fictional owl-bear!


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