There’s a fabulous photo doing the rounds on facebook of an Alaskan tree frog. Have you seen it?  When I first saw it it might well have been me – doing my best to survive a particularly cold day (minus 27C) here in southern Finland. Yet cursory  search of the internet suggests that while the information given on fb might not be true, we know there are many creatures that go to extra-ordinary lengths to survive harsh conditions.

I thought I was being just a bit clever when I invented the title of this post -‘owlsicles’ only to find there are other clever people out there, and a quick internet search of the word  found several sites; the first of which took me to ‘ the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio’. Who’d have thunk that (grin) ? The second however, took me to a site – liberty wildlife – and as I skimmed the homepage, I stumbled over the phrase

‘Everybody is ready for the summer to be over'(Posted in August last year)

That stopped me in my tracks, because honestly I don’t think I’ve ever, ever been ready for the summer to be over! I can’t ever even imagine that day coming! I’m a definite creature of the sunlight – one friend once called me a reptile, though she then said she meant lizard! So while I love the snow – and particularly when there are bright blue skies to accompany winter weather here in Finland – I hate being cold and so my favourite seasons are spring (with the summer to look forward to ) and summer itself. Even autumn – beautiful as it can be – carries a touch of sadness as the days grow shorter and the temperature  plummets.

Everyone is ready for the summer to be over? No, I don’t think so! … I haven’t read much on the site, but I did notice that whoever writes the blog has a great sense of humour. I loved the photos and many made me smile or laugh.  For example, the caption “I won’t forget this…” take you to a fab photograph of a screech owl who had just been subject to some treatment in the clinic’s ICU. (I won’t forget this either!)

Best of all though was the spoken promise

— there’s always room for one more baby owl!

And this cute photo of the ‘one more’

Suddenly I’m reminded of Mary and Joseph,being turned away from inn after inn, place after place in a full-to-overflowing bustling Bethlehem, when suddenly a kind Inn keeper offers them sanctuary, a place to stay in their stable. The Innkeeper’s heart was like those in the wildlife centre, offering time and energy to help the helpless animals.

I’m full of admiration for and inspired by the wonderful work done by all kinds of people volunteering in rescue centres around the world, offering refuge for wounded animals – and people such as refugees and those released from slavery- around the world. Their acts of love make such a difference to the world in which we live – they bring warmth and hope, which in my vivid imagination helps melt an icicle or two!

A few days ago a friend showed me a clip of a group of monks on the border of Thailand and Burma who were living in silence, peace and harmony with rescued orphaned tigers. It’s fascinating!

As for owls, owlsicles and me – well that’s another story for another day I think!

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