Owl Encounters

Most owls do not migrate but they can be nomadic in searching for the best food source

This owl headed north this weekend, not really in search of a better food source -though the food and drink was plentiful and good! – but more with the intention of meeting with fellow owls, not for a parliamentary session, but just to see and be seen, to listen and be heard, to be and enjoy being.

I was not disappointed. Quite the contrary, the weekend was over far too quickly for this small owl, and the long drive south brought me home again all too soon.

Since then, however, I’ve encountered owls in different places.


Linda spent long nights composing Beatrice’s adventures, obsessing over the details. She tried to convince herself they had the makings of an enviable childhood. Beatrice drinking from fountains and bathing in lakes, calling owls at night and chasing butterflies during the day, hiding from snooping dogs, raiding squirrel stashes, spying on crows, making speeches to the tallest trees, weaving weeds through her hair, drawing pictures on the sidewalks with burned wood, being a princess, reading street signs like they were adventure stories, laughing with ducks who told her jokes, digging through garbage, watching, from a tree, happy families picnicking across a great lawn, and waiting for the moments when she might slip unnoticed among them as though she belonged to them and steal their lunches, then, more.
(Diane Cook Man V. Nature ‘Somebody’s Baby)*

I love the descriptions here, and am also left wondering whether I encountered owls so often earlier … and was simply not tuned in, or are they appearing more often at this junction of my life? I don’t know – and it probably doesn’t really matter. We are, after all, blind until our eyes are opened and then we see!

*This fantastic collection of short stories was shortlisted for The Guardian First Book Prize in 2015. It’s reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s short stories, which unlike his novels for children, often have either a macabre vibe or there’s a twist in the tale which really makes you think.

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