The owl looks at how her love of reading …

What is stress?

In poetry, the word ‘stress’ refers to the emphasis of certain syllables in a poem’s metre. How might the metrical ‘stresses’ of poetry help us to cope with the mental and emotional stresses of modern life?

That’s a question this owl is about to look into during the next week. It’s part of am online course called ‘Literature and Mental Health’ and my participation has come about in part because of my decision at New Year that ‘minä itse’ is out. I choose to be part of something bigger than myself – to be blessed by my God-given Parliament of owls – but also to be part of a wider conversation.

Part of the blurb in the introduction to the course today invited us into a conversation, to learn from and with actors, writers and medical professionals, and to get involved and to eavesdrop. I think I’m going to enjoy the latter.

Part of my learning will be not to try to befriend everyone or to be part of every conversation. The group is just too large. So I’m praying for the owl to bring me wisdom as to where to invest my energy, and the great owlish powers of perception and intuition.

More to follow …

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