owl journey: hungering for life

In the previous post I wrote about what this owl has decided to do during Lent this year. It’s linked to this resource.


Christin Sine kindly sent me a copy of the picture above for me to print out and use in my preparation.

I found a little spiral bound notebook upstairs, and invested in some new pens, and feel somewhat excited but a bit anxious too about what’s ahead of me. I think the anxiety is almost certainly linked with performance orientation, and feeling both self-conscious and inadequate when I try to be creative. I think the ‘trying to be’ limits my body and mind – and there’s little or no free flow, so that’s one area I’m really hoping for transformation in this year.

I probably won’t share much of what this owl does or thinks or feels, or how things touch or move or shock and appall me, but who knows. But I do choose to share the first creative steps with you, my parliament of owls and owlets.

Hungering for Life Lent 2016 LK.jpg
The opening page is simply a print out of Christine’s fabulous picture, above which I’ve written the words Lent 2016. And below I’ve written – in script (because it’s fun to do ‘grown-up’ writing now and then!) Hungering for Life.

I chose to use purple for the main text (since purple is the liturgical colour for the season of Lent) and used green for Life to symbolise growth and new shoots coming though.

I thought that was enough for one day! But quite quickly -as I began reading the notes about the ‘creative exercises for Lent’ I realised I wanted to go back and jot down some of the thoughts, tips and ideas.

Here’s what I came up with.

Hungering for Life Lent 2016 LK 2

Now here’s the thing! It is messy. It began with words. I chose to use colours. I forgot about ‘grown-up’ script and used a lot of capitals. I’m not sure why – but when I look at it now, it seems that I wanted these things to scream out – because they are important and they have the potential to bring Life!

I added the wonderful words

I give myself permission to

That’s a practice I don’t use much but which dear friends have talked about and which has given me the confidence to try it for myself. And I immediately gave myself permission to colour outside of the lines, add squiggles and shapes and curvy lines, to doodle, and to scribble a bit.

It’s not perfect.

When I look at it now I’d like the HELP! to be bolder, stronger, and in a sort of traffic sign. I look at the word KNIT and … , and …  But I give myself permission to leave it alone, as is, and to post an imperfect work of art (yes me!) and observe that I did PLAY with the colours and the squiggles, and there IS a river bringing life-giving water. And I AM satisfied.

Let’s enter the journey …

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