dive-bombing owls

It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do keep encountering owls in all kinds of unexpected places.

I went to an Ash Wednesday service (in English) in the cathedral yesterday. It was held in the sacristy attic chapel up a very, very steep enclosed spiral staircase. There were only two of us (in addition to the priest and the musician) – the other person was wearing a huge owl necklace. I had to work hard to stop staring at it – it was beautiful and everytime the candle light caught it at a certain angle the owl’s eyes seemed to attract my attention.

Then today walking from the centre towards home I spied these

owl covers.jpg

While it was the larger owls at the front that first caught my eye – I quickly fell in love with the little owlets hiding behind them.

Today I also found an article about a barred owl dive-bombing joggers. What I found interesting in that was that the blogger labelled the owl as anti-social …whereas it’s possible he was just having a bit of fun! What do you think?

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