Here and now, and looking ahead

So much has happened … A week ago this owlet was having a date with The Artist … this week on the other hand has been so busy that, while there have been several fabulous ‘ah ha!’ moments with the Artist, they have all been snatched, rushed, unplanned and have invariably left this little owl somewhat frustrated.

Things don’t always go our way. As the saying goes “the best laid plans …” Only for me, when plans are laid – when I expend energy on their planning – then there is not only satisfaction, colour and life in that process – but it is also much more more likely than not I will either put things in motion to ensure the plans come to pass or I will contentedly recognise that the dreaming and envisioning in itself was the thing – and lay it aside!

So we step into a new weekend, and it’s ripe with possibility. I like that. Ahead of me is time and space to give birth to another date with The Artist.

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