…where the owlet learns a lesson

Owls get hungry. Imagine that. And adult owls have super-sensitive hearing to seek out their next meal.

As previously mentioned this Lent I’m following some material called Hungering for Life as a way of looking more at the resurrection power of Jesus in my life, not only to save, but also transform me .

This week we were given the theme of HUNGER to explore.

This little owl so wanted to focus on the hungry – whether physical or spiritual hunger – and do the “right thing” (God forgive me!) and bring relief and hope.

Instead thinking about hunger has made me very introspective – and while good will come of it I know, it feels so egocentric that I really wanted to run from it, and be busy ‘doing good’ and ‘ministering to others’ instead!


Introspection is never nice, though it’s almost always rewarding in the long term – and while I wrestled with what God was showing me, I did find a fantastically life-bringing article about how the aroma of fresh bread can make us kinder people.

Today, however, was a moment of breakthrough – a fantastically wonderful “ah ha” moment, not fully formed yet but clear enough for me to peck away at this keyboard.

This revelation has been about my desire to be thought highly – or at least thought well of – by others, and that that is not always life bringing. I do care – more deeply than I usually let on – what others think of me. I don’t mean I care what people think of the way I look or the clothes I wear (God forbid), but what they think of me as a person matters. That sounds so ordinary, and actually quite a natural thing, but somehow I see now that I’ve been very bound by it – and it’s the then choosing to behave in ways that curry favour (or minimising the risk of the opposite happening) which is actually the real danger in this.

Two good and wise owls shared with me a few years ago that as they were preparing to spend the rest of their life together as a couple an old wise female owl had told them “you are not responsible for the happiness of the other!” I liked that, and catching it as a prophetic word, took it as a gift for myself … And today’s learning adds to that. It goes something like this ..

Little owl, whether someone likes you or finds your behaviour pleasing or acceptable is not in your hands. They alone will decide that.

What a freeing, liberating moment!

It was as if my wings suddenly had new power and the owls’ gifts of wisdom, perception and truth had mingled with an eagle’s and I could soar to new heights, and catch a few thermals!






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