the owl and the Artist -2

Are owls spontaneous I wonder.

Do they pack up their bags and head off into the great unknown without much thought or a lot of preparation. Those two things are not mutually bound of course. Perhaps the owl – and other creatures including humans – does do a lot of thinking – unseen to others, and articulated only in their own head – and then seem to the outside to take to the skies at the drop of hat acorn!

This owl isn’t very spontaneous. In part that’s  because I think preparing and thinking is half the fun. Most times, that is! I have to admit that occasionally the ‘thing’ then becomes ‘too big’ because the thinking and planning has taken too much space in my head, and too much time and energy – and then I feel overwhelmed and exhausted before I’ve even set off!

Yesterday was a day of spontaneity, unexpected spontaneity.

First thing I found myself pressing ‘accept’ (or whatever the word actually was!) and in possession of a flight for later this year. I hadn’t weight it up, and was actually only in the ‘I wonder if …’ stage and suddenly this owl found herself in the ‘This will now happen ~~ somehow!’ Amazing! It’s both exciting and exhilarating – and a wee bit unnerving!

The second thing was not consciously planned either, and in that sense spontaneous. As part of the Hungering for Life during Lent, one of the disciplines is to have a date with The ARTIST every week. Ten days ago I planned -and went – to the Botanical Gardens here in Turku. It was fantastic! So yes my next date with the Artist was due, and I’d considered a few options, but I hadn’t found something I really wanted to do – or so I thought.

Yesterday, however, I found myself on a local bus – no dogs, no snack, no water, nothing with me except my ipad (for photos) and pen and paper and money for the bus – heading over to the local seaside town. It was a gloriously sunny day – but wintertime of course – so there was hardly anyone around – just me and Him – and a whole lot of beauty.

selfie Naantali.jpg

I observed a lot and there are some deep reflections too.
But for now two thoughts:

Are owls spontaneous?
Why does this owlet feel more like an owl on these dates with the The Artist, I wonder

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