all quiet on the owl front

All quiet on the owl front? Not a bit of it! It’s been manic in this corner of the owl world in the best possible way!

One of my friends taught me about flow charts a few weeks ago. I’m not an expert but as I understand it, it goes something like this. When we find the ‘sweet spot’ between using – and stretching – our abilities and gifts and match it with the right level of challenge (not too easy, not impossibly hard) then ideas, creativity, productivity (in the best possible sense of the word) will flow freely.


Somehow, and I’m not sure how, this owl stumbled upon a sweet spot of her own this past week. One consequence of that is that while the ideas, writing and creativity have flowed freely other things – of necessity -have  had to take a backseat for that to happen. Our nest, for example, is a bit grubbier than usual, I’ve reneged on a couple of owl meet ups, and the standard of our daily diet has taken a bit of a nosedive.

But it’s been worth it.

It’s tricky to pinpoint the tipping point towards stepping into the flow – but I do have some insights as to what may have been the biggest contributing factors.

– The weather – the sunshine and the lengthening daylength – has played its part.

– Committing to -and following through – on a date with The Artist – the wise owl of the heavens – has born fruit.

– And meeting with like-minded, inspiring and creative owls who are over-brimming with encouragement for me as this fledgling takes to the skies has been really important.

– Perhaps most crucial, however, has been that I’ve had a pen and scraps of paper with me wherever I’ve been. So I’ve been free to jot down thoughts at bus stops, on the bus itself, and in cafes, shops or when walking the dogs for example, anywhere really whenever a glimmer of an idea has shimmered into focus. That’s relieved me of the fear of forgetting- and what a blessing that is!

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